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The Climber is an Education Startup that helps students discover and pursue their Passions through MyCaptain and large city wide Youth fests, summits and bootcamps. 

MyCaptain by The Climber is an Online platform that helps you take the first step in your field of passion with the help of young achievers, mentors and guides (Captains).

We are focused towards the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) especially SDG 4: Quality Education, SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth and SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals.

Our captains are under the age of 25 and have gone through the same journey these students wish to undertake. They are published authors, young entrepreneurs, investors, award-winning film makers, journalists, designers, developers etc. A student who wants to write a book gets mentored by a young published author. A student who is passionate about entrepreneurship is mentored by founders of startups.









For our contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals in education, we have been recognised by the United Nations SDSN as one of the top 50 Youth Led solutions in the world in their Report.



Mohammed Zeeshan

I am a social entrepreneur in education space, using technology to solve the problem of graduate unemployment in India. I cofounded "The Climber" when I was 19, and since then have led it to impact more than 60,000 students across India for which the United Nations SDSN recognised our efforts in their Youth Solutions Report 2017. I am extremely passionate about Impact Ventures, Education and Technology Startups.I've also worked with UNESCO to suggest changes and form the international education policy for women in STEM fields. I firmly believe in the power of youth and believe that the problems of our generation can be best solved by our generation

Sameer Ramesh

I’m Sameer Ramesh, 23, Cofounder and Chief Product Officer of The Climber. As an unwilling engineering graduate, I’ve seen the challenges people face when they enter streams they aren’t interested in. I believe the real solution is to help students to find their passions and empower them to pursue it. I’m currently pursuing a Diploma in Experiential Education and am working with various experts to bring experiential learning into online education.

Ruhan Madni Naqash

I am a first generation Entrepreneur and I hail from Kashmir. I had always wanted to pursue offbeat fields like writing, theatre and music, but wasn’t able to because of the stigma around such fields, especially where I came from. Even in Engineering College (that i was forced into) I discovered many talented people who wanted to follow their Passions as a Career but weren’t able to. This was an alarming problem for me.  I believe the potential of the youth can only be unleashed to the fullest if everyone pursues what they are truly passionate about. This will lead us to be a more productive, employable, and a happier society.

Fatema Hussain

I am a designer-entrepreneur who believes that design thinking can be used to tackle real world challenges in Education. My journey with the Climber, as a Co-founder and Chief Design Officer has seen me build the brand and visual identity of the organisation from scratch. I’ve help design and conduct large scale city-wide events across 5 cities to deliver beautiful educational experiences and believe in building products and services aimed at making education and learning more interesting and student centric.


The Climber was born out of a conversation during our 1st year of Engineering in 2013. A night before an exam we found to discuss everything apart from our college subjects. We realised that everyone in the hostel room wanted different things in life. While one person wanted to become a novelist, another wanted to be a tech blogger, while yet another wanted to become an Astronomer. And all of us were going through college courses that had nothing to do with these fields.

Looking around at our seniors and other batchmates it became clear that no one had picked the right stream and this eventually affected their performance in college and thus their futures. This is when we decided to do something about the problem and our journey as Student Entrepreneurs began.





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