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We live in a country where future writers, designers, developers, entrepreneurs are clueless about how to take the first step into their passion.As a result they are pushed into fields they aren't interested in. This has far reaching socio-economic consequences as the youth of the Country face severe problem of Unemployment or Underemployment(UN SDSN Youth Solution Report,2017). Read the report HERE


At MyCaptain we connect Schools and College students students to young Achievers(Captains) in their field of passion. We mentor students through month long online workshops where they experience the basics of a field in practicle and guided manner. The students also join a community of like minded individuals from all across the country, attend MyCaptain meetups, events and get internship opportunities.


MyCaptain has been recognised by the United Nations SDSN as one of the top 50 youth-led programs in the World for our contributions towards United Nations Sustainable Goals of Quality Education and better economic opportunities for students.


Captains have stayed true to their passion despite of the societal pressure and want to teach and mentor other students.

They are self driven individuals under the age of 25 who have real world experience, an insight into the field and have undertaken projects or presented research papers earned scholarships or excelled in internships.

These Captains guide and mentor Students over a month-long online workshop built using our research based curriculum development framework.



Help mentees develop the required skill sets to pursue their passion.


Provide personal mentoring to students to help them.


Provide hands-on experience through projects and tasks


Join our group of brightest young minds in the Country

LoR from United Nations SDSN recognised program

Captain funds(stipend)

Be a part of all our events across the country

A chance to travel across the country to conduct events


Submit your application form.

Telephonic Interview.

An Online Video Interview


Personally, Mycaptain has given me the chance to be inspired and inspire. As an Online Platform , it has been wonderful connecting with so many people varying from their teens to even their fifties! Mentoring on MyCaptain for a year has been an overwhelming experience There is nothing more rewarding than when you realise that your knowledge, your dreams and your teaching has resonated and even touched people at a deeper level.

-Captain Durga, Mentor for Psychology

I find being a mentor very fulfilling. Teaching and Mentoring are my passion, and my sessions with my mentees have helped it flower in different, beautiful ways - with the learning, discussing, and most importantly, creating something together! I am grateful to MyCaptain, because I get to meet wonderful budding writers each month, and have the opportunity to be with them for a part of their creative journey.

-Captain Madhura, Mentor for Creative Writing

I joined MyCaptain as a Captain back in 2015. I love mentoring students, and design has always been my passion. In my journey as a Mentor with MyCaptain i have mentored over 500 students in Graphic Design, and scores of them have gone on to do amazing things in the field. It gives me a feeling of pride and fulfilment to see my mentees grow and follow their Passion for Design. When they share their work or success with me, and credit me for it, the feeling cannot be put into words. Being called “Captain” by hundreds of young people looking for a Mentor and guide is out of the World!

-Captain Fatema , Mentor for Graphic Design

When I found out about MyCaptain, I knew this was exactly how I wanted to contribute to the education field in India. The lack of focused guidance in the industry has left many students confused. And this platform rightfully bridges that gap with the help of ever evolving young minds of the country. As a mentor, it was an extremely fulfilling experience that allowed me to not just pass my knowledge and help other youngsters define their career choices, but also to learn from my students! It always intrigued me how every student had their own set of doubts that I wouldn’t have ever thought of. It made me study more, and share my work experiences. It makes me truly proud to see so many of my mentees finding the field of their choice and working towards it! Most of all, they keep me in loop and still reach out to me for help, and it’s always a pleasure to push them ahead in their journey!

-Captain Bhavana, Mentor for Advertising and Marketing


How much time do I need to dedicate to this in a month?

In total, you will need to spend only about 10 hours per month. You will be spending 2 hours a week having live chat and video based interactions with your mentees. You will also have to spend some time reviewing tasks by the mentees and giving them feedback.

How will I be able to avail my Captain Fund?

You will be able to avail your Captain fund after conducting a set of 3 batches of Workshop (3 months). More details about your Captain fund will be discussed with you after your Selection.

Am I qualified to be a Captain?

Captains are young achievers who have followed their Passion and are interested in mentoring others. If you have Top Internship experiences, Scholarships, Completed large scale projects and have an understanding of Career options and potential career paths in the field, you will be qualified to be a Captain.

How many hours per day will I have to contribute?

You will be required to give 5-6 hours every week.

Will I need to conduct a Workshop every month?

No, you need not conduct a Workshop every month. The roaster will be decided based on the number of mentees and the number of Captains required for that month.

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